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Majority of tutors are trained as teachers or hold a qualification in teaching e.g. PGCE, Cert.Ed. or Teachers Certificate. There are also excellent graduate tutors who do not have a PGCE, but they clearly can have the right approach on a one-to-one tutoring basis, which is probably more important to tutoring successfully.

Checks we carry out

CRB checks are usually requested from all tutors. It is advisable that the tutor provides CRB documentation or that you request a CRB check before tuition pommences, particularly if the tutor is dealing with children, young people or vulnerable adults. UKTutorsDirectory does not verify or provide criminal background checks on all tutors, it is therefore the responsibility of the parent (if student under the age of 18) and/or guardian to verify or run a criminal background check with any of the various CRB umbrella companies.